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Benefits of Exercise and Disability

Exercise and physical activity provide amazing benefits to our bodies and are vital to improving
Benefits of Exercise for Disability

Exercise and physical activity provide amazing benefits to our bodies and are vital to improving and sustaining our physical and mental health. Although exercise can often be seen as challenging and time consuming, there is a broad range of movements that can be tailored to suit each individual’s difficulty level and can be incorporated into even the busiest schedule. These movements have adaptable intensity but provide tangible health benefits, even at the most basic level.

Exercise also has a significant impact on the health and mobility of those with disabilities and has been shown to have a range of benefits such as improving mental health and wellbeing, reduction in physical pain, improvement to functional strength and the ability to undertake activities of daily living, as well as many other improvements.

…difference in strength training for anyone will vary quite dramatically, and it is important to be exercising at your level

When exercising, the body releases endorphins and serotonin into the body, which increases your energy levels and improves your mood, mental health and sleep quality (Queensland Government, 2020). Accordingly, exercising with a disability can also promote your ability to manage and complete more activities in your day-to-day life independently.

However, it is important to ensure that you are exercising safely and with the correct form so that the full benefits of exercise can be obtained and so that no injury is sustained or existing issue is exacerbated. Here, a health professional can assist with demonstrating and programming these exercises. This ensures that all movements are done correctly, and the professional can guide you through exercises that can be completed in sessions and safely in the comfort of your own home.

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