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Fitness Forever Human Rights Policy



Fitness Forever is committed to respecting and upholding the human rights of our workforce   and those impacted by our operations and business relationships in the communities in which we operate. We recognise our responsibility to have a positive influence in society and that human rights are fundamental in contributing meaningfully and sustainably in everything that we do.

Our approach to human rights is based upon the United Nations (UN) Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the

International Labour Organisation’s Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at work.

In addition to complying with applicable laws and regulations of the jurisdictions in which we operate, we focus our efforts on respecting and supporting the rights of our workforce and    treating those who work for Fitness Forever fairly, without discrimination, and in conditions that respect the rights and dignity of everyone.


Our commitment to human rights is applicable to our employees at every level and in every part of our business, including employees in joint ventures where Fitness Forever is the controlling entity. Our human rights approach also applies to all third parties we deal with including our suppliers, customers, community partners, contractors who do provide services.


As a business that may have a wide range of nationalities and cultural backgrounds. While differences in practice are inevitable, we have common principals that apply to all work locations.

A workplace free of discrimination or harassment
  • The basis for appointment, advancement, performance appraisal and remuneration within Fitness Forever is based on competence, capability, performance and behaviour, in line with Fitness Forever’s Values.
  • We require that everyone who works with us meets appropriate workplace behaviour expectations articulated in our Code of Business Conduct. Fitness Forever does not tolerate discrimination, harassment, bullying or vilification or any unacceptable workplace behaviour and will take appropriate action where there are breaches, up to and including termination of employment or
  • We provide various mechanisms for everyone who works with us to raise any concerns they may have relating to their employment. Our Compliance standards and procedures define the obligation to deal with any complaints or concerns fairly, thoroughly, confidentially and in a timely
Looking after the health, safety and welfare of employees, contractors and visitors
  • Our Safety, Health and Environment aspiration is to conduct our business in a way that causes no harm to the health and safety of our people, our customers or the communities in which we Our policies, standards and procedures define actions to achieve this aspiration by always being mindful of risk; ensuring our people are capable and empowered; and focusing on always improving.
Appropriate pay and working hours
  • Our policy on pays and benefits is to be competitive with local market, equitable and meet legal
  • We comply with all applicable legislation and industrial instruments in relation to hours, wages and
Involving employees in our business
  • We seek to have direct, open relationships with our employees and to foster a culture in which all employees share Our Values, feel listened to and are confident to raise any
  • We seek to involve employees in Fitness Forever’s development and to keep them informed through e effective
  • We respect all employees’ rights to negotiate individually or collectively in relation to their terms and conditions of employment and to join or not to join a legally recognised trade union or third- party representative organisation. Fitness Forever will establish and maintain a constructive dialogue with employees’ representatives in good
Respect for employment laws and obligations
  • We comply with all applicable employment laws, regulations, and contractual obligations. In return, those who work with us must also meet their contractual
  • We respect the personal information and privacy of those who work with us and require them to respect the personal information and privacy of others in
No forced or child labour
  • We will never engage or use any form of child labour, forced labour, indentured labour or any form of human

Fitness Forever’s Internal Audit function monitors      compliance with the Code by performing site and risk-based audits. Fitness Forever’s Code of Business Conduct is regularly reviewed and updated.  If anyone believes that someone at or associated with Fitness Forever is violating this policy or the law, they are asked to report it immediately to their manager or Fitness Australia Governing body or any independent organistion. We are committed to ensuring that everyone can raise concerns anonymously, freely, without fear of reprisal or intimidation, and that any complaints are dealt with fairly, thoroughly, confidentially and in a timely manner.

This policy will be reviewed periodically and updated as required.

Approved by – Fitness Forever August 2020