At Fitness Forever, we recognise that everyone is different; there’s no one-size-fits-all for fitness training. That’s why our personal training programs are tailored to suit you.  We work with you to achieve your health goals, whether improving mobility, increasing fitness, training for an event or improving your overall health and well-being; we have the knowledge and experience to plan your perfect training program. Our trainers are industry registered, giving you peace of mind that you are working with professionals who are committed to industry standards and quality service when you train with us.

Suanne Test
Suanne Lowery
Director | Nutritionist | Personal Trainer
Jackson Profile Small
Jackson Cockerill
Clinical Exercise Physiologist | Personal Trainer
Ellie New Profile
Ellie Mullen
Personal Trainer | Nutritionist

 about suanne


clinical nutritionist

personal trainer


  • Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced) – Studying
  • Bachelor of Psychological Sciences
  • Australian Institute of Fitness Master Trainer
  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness
  • Certificate IV in Training & Assessing
  • Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine
  • Thump Boxing Systems Instructor Course
  • Thump Boxing Systems Advanced Instructor Course
  • Modern Pregnancy Pre-Natal Exercise
  • First Aid & CPR


  • 2021 AUSactive Female Personal Trainer of the Year (Fitness Australia)
  • 2019 Fitness Australia Personal Trainer of the Year Finalist
  • 2015 Fitness Australia Quality Awards GOLD Award
  • 2015 Fitness Australia Quality Awards Quality Improvement Award
  • 2014 Fitness Australia Quality Awards SILVER Award

Suanne has a Bachelor degree in Psychological Science from Swinburne University, is a Level 3 Fitness Australia Registered Exercise Professional (11 years), accredited nutritionist and qualified trainer and assessor.

She has extensive hands-on experience in the health and fitness industry and has also lectured the Certificate III & IV in Fitness.  Suanne’s ultimate goal is to incorporate Clinical Health Psychology with a major interest in Positive Psychology into her services.  Health and fitness have always been a large part of Suanne’s life.

has a Bachelor degree in Psychological Science from Swinburne University, is a Level 3 Fitness Australia Registered Exercise Professional (11 years)

She has a strong desire to promote health and well-being by helping her clients understand and experience the benefits of incorporating a balanced diet with exercise to promote positive mental health.

One of Suanne’s passions is helping people who suffer from chronic disease or disability to live a healthy and active life.  Suffering from lifelong asthma, endometriosis, gut issues, allergies and food sensitivities herself, Suanne understands how health conditions and lifestyle can affect motivation and mindset.

 about jackson

exercise physiologist

personal trainer


  • Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology
  • Diploma of Fitness
  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness
  • First Aid & CPR

Jackson is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist, and personal trainer.  His extensive industry experience underpins his passion for health and fitness and allows him to offer professional and personalised health and wellbeing services to his clients.

One of Jackson’s key skill areas is working with clients with disabilities or chronic health conditions.  He has been working intensively with clients through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) since 2019 and specialises in those with Affective Disorders such as Autism or Aspergers.  As an Exercise Physiologist, Jackson has gained much experience in many chronic health conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, mental health disorders, Spina Bifida, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, musculoskeletal problems, metabolic dysfunction, etc.

Jackson focuses on collaborating with his clients to set goals and motivating them through each session to achieve those goals whilst improving functional mobility and the client’s overall quality of life utilising current research and techniques in his treatment and training approach; his service level is extremely high, which can be seen in his long-term client satisfaction and retention.

…One of Jackson’s key-skill areas is working with clients with disabilities or chronic health conditions

 about ELISA

personal trainer



  • Certificate IV in Nutrition
  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness
  • First Aid & CPR

Elisa is a personal trainer with a passion for helping people reach their goals and find enjoyment in their workouts. With a strong background in functional fitness coaching, Elisa works to get her clients moving in a way that replicates how they move in their daily lives, enhancing clients’ performance and function in real-life activities. 

Elisa also has a strong background in competitive sport across several disciplines and loves to incorporate aspects of sport into workouts to create fun and engaging sessions. With experience in gymnastics, increasing core strength and flexibility are beneficial components of exercise that Elisa loves to focus on to improve the client’s mobility and function.

…improve their quality of life through a holistic approach to movement and exercise

With a passion for helping people, Elisa’s number one goal for every client is to enhance their well-being and improve their quality of life through a holistic approach to movement and exercise. Elisa also has a strong passion for nutrition and is a qualified Nutritionist, further helping her clients live healthier lives through both what they eat and how they move.

Shiona Allinson
Brisbane City Council
Program Support Officer Active & Healthy

I want to let you know that we have had a customer call us with the sole purpose of singing your praises and telling us all about how much she LOVES your classes.

The customer is very impressed with the quality of class you offer, your enthusiasm and commitment to encouraging your participants.

Suanne, thank you for providing such a top quality experience for your participants and for being such a great asset to the Active and Healthy programs!!

Keep up the awesome work!

NDIS Client

The greatest thing I have ever done is to start training with you Fitness Forever. It’s made such a difference to my life and well being in so many ways. You gave me one of the best gifts I have ever had “inclusion”.  It’s so wonderful to be able to participate in so many ways instead of being a spectator. I’m so happy to be part of the Fitness Forever Family and hope I can be for a long time.


Jackson has been helping me meet my goals. I’m impressed by how he tailors each session, to keep it interesting and moving forward on my goals. Both Jackson and Suanne are always supportive and encouraging. I ummed and ahhed for months before committing, should have done this sooner.


I love training with Suanne! It’s always challenging but she’s also very attentive and will tailor the sessions to your abilities.


Suanne has trained me for around 8 years and helped me transform myself to a strong healthy person. Her flexibility, adaptability, good humour and strong focus on making her sessions fit for you have made her in my mind one of the best trainers I’ve worked with. She can make exercise fun and workable for anyone and her knowledge and expertise in general health and nutrition is fantastic


Suanne manage to get my old body moving. She is very gentle and understand special needs people like me. Without her I would probably be stiff as timber and in pain every day. Thank you, Suanne.


I’ve been working with Suanne for a few months now. I’m very new to the PT thing and wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m a full-time working Mum with little time for exercise, and I get bored very easily. Suanne immediately made everything comfortable (and even fun!!) for me. She is patient, knowledgeable, kind, and funny…absolutely NOT the “Commando” style of PT, which is a huge relief. She supplies all of the equipment and changes up the routine every week. I always feel incredible afterwards, and am gaining ideas and exercises which I’m (surprisingly) happy to do in my own time.

In short, I’d recommend Suanne to anyone. My only fear is that she is so good that everyone will want her as their PT!!


Suanne was so lovely to deal with as a Nutritionist, her advice was so helpful and assisted greatly in resolving the problems I was having. Highly recommend Suanne and her team!


My Husband was Suanne’s 1st client over 10 yrs ago. Today she trains the whole family twice a week and has formally provided a boxing class for us and my husband’s employees . She is awesome and without her we wouldn’t be as fit, healthy and flexible as we are. Go Suanne!!!! (PS she can be mean, but in a nice way and each session is different!)


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